Mobile In Home Service

Servicing Greater Brisbane Area

An Intake Form is required to be completed prior to the session which will provide me with the medical, emotional and behavioural history of your animal, as well as alert me to any conditions that may require vet approval prior to massage. I will email this form to you for completion.

Veterinarian consent might be required prior to massage being carried out, especially where there are or have been medical conditions or trauma.

The assessment for physical issues (or behavioural/emotional issues I suspect might stem from a physical issue) incorporates gait analysis,  soft tissue assessment (muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, etc.), testing Range of Motion (ROM) as well as other techniques to gauge the overall condition of your pet.

In addition to massage, different modalities will be incorporated into a session as required.  There is no “one size fits all” therefore at the time an assessment will be made to determine how best to assist your animal.

 Some of these modalities include the use of acupressure points, Tellington Touch and Reiki, and I am constantly upgrading my skills in order to provide the best possible holistic care.



I will also offer tips on small modifications that can be made in your home to make life easier for ageing animals, as well as those with conditions such as arthritis and dysplasia. There will be no additional cost for this service.

All sessions include a free follow up call to discuss your animal’s progress post session, as well as a chart for you to use to keep track of improvements or issues post session.