The Benefits of Massage
and other natural modalities

Adhesions or knots

Just like us, animals develop adhesions (knots) in their bodies for many reasons, whether due to play, over compensating due to pain in another area or ageing. These adhesions cause stiffness and discomfort (think of when you had a knot in your neck). Massage helps to locate and release those adhesions.

Speeds up healing after injury and reduces injury

Great for after surgery (with veterinarian approval) and for strains. We also check for Range of Motion and introduce exercises to help joints recover their full function. Massage also supports muscles affected by conditions such as Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and Luxating patella. When an animal is injured or sore in one area, it can also result in compensation by over using other muscles instead. Through massage that can be identified and rectified


Issues such as timidity, fear, hyperactivity, hyper vigilance, anxiety, lack of trust, fear based aggression, can all be addressed and in most cases positively influenced by the various modalities. These modalities help to calm and relax the animal and transition him/her from the sympathetic nervous state (fight or flight) to the parasympathetic state (calm and relaxed). An animal who is living in a sympathetic state is much more prone to illness and injury, not to mention the fact that it is heartbreaking to watch them living in this state and not being able to assist. See the blog page to read more about some of the cases I have dealt with and how the various modalities have helped

Increases general agility in healthy animals

Regular maintenance massages keep your animal in good condition and helps to identify any issues that might require follow up by a veterinarian. It is great for all active dogs, and especially for those who participate in sports such as agility, flyball etc. as well as for working dogs. Massage prior to performance or working can help to prevent injury.

Wonderful for ageing animals

As animals age and become less active it is important to keep muscles from wasting, and joints moving smoothly. Massage and natural modalities help to maintain muscle tone and reduce muscle wastage. It is also a great way to reduce pain in arthritic animals and to slow down the progression of arthritis. It also helps to increase circulation which is especially important if their level of activity decreases.

Puppies, Kittens and other baby critters

Massage, Tellington Touch and other modalities are great for giving puppies and kittens an awareness of their bodies and getting them used to being touched all over, including the paws (important for future vet care). It can also be beneficial in helping to combat “mouthing” in puppies.