Thinking about massage

    I have a sore lower back and hip and so went for a massage today. (Congratulations, I hear you say 😊 😊).

It reminded me again of a few things to do with animal massage:

They can’t tell you where it hurts like a human can, so animal massage practitioners have to rely on what we observe and feel only. The animal also relies on its pet guardian to be observant and know when it’s time for a massage. This is also why it’s so important for pet guardians to be completely upfront about any pre-existing conditions, just as a human massage practitioner will ask for a history.

I asked my massage practitioner to go slow and gentle before going too deep. The animal can’t do that, but sure will let me know by the way it reacts if I am going too fast/deep etc.

The human client will lie still for the full session and will ensure he/she has peed, pooped, had a drink of water prior to the session and will not be distracted by another person walking by. The animal most times will get up during a session, walk around a bit, might need to pee, and might need to investigate what’s going on with the cat before settling back down again.

While I always experience a release from a massage session, the pain/discomfort does not always disappear after a session. Sometimes I might even feel a little bit sorer, but usually by the end of the day or following day I see improvement. (If I didn’t I wouldn’t keep going for massages or would change practitioner). Sometimes more than one session or several are needed. The same happens with your pets. You might not notice an improvement straight away. I give some animal guardians a chart to keep on their fridge where they can observe and quickly note any changes (hopefully improvements) over the course of a few days.

When I forget or get too busy to get my maintenance massages, something “goes out.” I am of a certain age where the stresses of day to day living cause tensions in different parts of my body, and if I want to maintain flexibility, encourage blood flow, relieve stiffness etc., then as well as regular exercise and good nutrition, I need to make time for a massage.

I am very grateful for my human massage practitioners, and I learn something from them when I receive a massage.

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