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Why massage and natural modalities for a puppy?

There are a number of reasons why I recommend introducing regular massage sessions to puppies.

Here are just a few of them.

Familiarise with being touched.

The pup gets used to being touched all over.
Too often you come across dogs (and cats) who don’t like being touched in a certain area of their body. The paws are the most common. This makes vet examinations trickier and can be a real pain when trying to clip nails or groom. Using massage strokes from an early age teaches them that touch, even on the paws, can be pleasurable.

Teach the puppy to be calm

We all know puppies are boisterous, playful and fun, but it’s useful to teach them that a certain type of touch means “now it’s time to relax and be calm”. Pups can be taught to make that association, and as a massage practitioner, I will show the pet guardian how to relax the pup. After a few times your pup will realise that play time is over and it’s now sleep/relax time. It’s also a fabulous way to deepen your bond with your pup..

Aid in the development of proprioception.

Proprioception put simply means body awareness, motor skills, posture, and the ability to move safely within one’s environment. Puppies, as with all young growing creatures have bodies that are changing from day to day, and because of that, their proprioception is not that great. That’s part of what makes them so cute, the bouncing and flopping around. Various natural modalities can be used to help increase their proprioception to prevent strains and protect their little bones and joints.

Assist to combat mouthing.

Sharp little puppy teeth!! And they sure love to use them by holding onto your hand and mouthing. It’s all part of growing up and learning what to chew on and that your hand is not one of them. There are several training techniques, but in addition, Tellington Touch can be used on the mouth area to help alleviate this behaviour. TTouch is also great to assist with any pain associated with teething.

Assist with learning

Another great benefit of TTouch is that studies have shown that the brain waves are stimulated when TTouch is carried out, which increases the pup’s ability to learn.

General good health maintenance

As with massage for any animal, the usual benefits apply. It improves circulation and lymph flow, maintains flexibility, assists in identifying any issues early on, improves muscle tone and enhances the immune system, to mention just a few.

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