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Soothing Kiowa’s Fear

We adopted Kiowa from a shelter when she was just 6 months old. She is now a grand 15 year old lady. She is a cross between a Staffie and Cattle Dog (our Scattle 😊). Kiowa is mostly fearless, borne out by the fact that when it storms, when thunder and lightning are crashing around her favourite activity when she was younger was to run around the yard at full speed barking in the rain, then grab onto the nearest branch of a tree, and swing – Tarzana like. Many branches succumbed to her chunky body including our banana tree which finally gave up and died.

However there is one thing that managed to reduce her to a quivering wreck. That is the wind. Whenever the wind would pick up she became very agitated. Pacing by my side, trying to hide in the shower or bath tub, tried to hide in cupboards and hid amongst the bushes in the garden, fast breathing and trembling. It broke our hearts to watch her.
It was so hard to watch, but I understand her unease. I too feel uneasy when there are strong winds, although I am able to rationalise it so that it doesn’t turn into a fear. I read somewhere that there is an electrification of the atmosphere by positive ions which makes us irritable and anxious. I don’t know whether this is true or not, but I do know that whatever humans are sensing or experiencing, is magnified for animals as they are so much more aware of energy and energetic fields.

Approximately a year ago the wind was high and Kiowa came looking for me. We were in the passage way and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I got hold of my lavender oil mix that I use for calming dogs, rubbed some on her neck, dropped down on my knees and held some acupressure points. I then massaged her for a few minutes right there in the passage. After a few minutes she followed me into our bedroom, climbed onto the bed and fell asleep. I was amazed. That had never happened before.

From then on, at the first sign of wind I use the lavender oil, acupressure and massage and she relaxes and sleeps. If I’m doing something and don’t realise it is windy outside, she will come looking for me. She knows I can help her. What a privilege to be able to bring relief to her. See above video taken August 2018.